Róhe is an Amsterdam-based brand, design studio and atelier. The label explores contemporary shapes through distinct design elements and precise craftsmanship.

The collections are defined by its rewritten definition of tailoring and the continuous reinvention of wardrobe classics. Inspired by Italian high-quality fabrics and materials, Róhe is marked by its signature design, innovation and clear DNA.

The brand stands for an infinite dialogue for empowerment and a strong identity for a well curated wardrobe.

The FRAME collection serves as a permanent destination for Róhe’s wardrobe staples. These essentials are distilled into their purest and most functional form, shaping a conscious and purposeful wardrobe that transcends seasons. Each garment is carefully selected and complies to the permanent nature of this fundamental collection.

A world that encompasses more than just fashion, a world where craftsmanship, objects and collaborations meet. 

Róhe, a written language of style in which the brand sharpens its creative focus and adapts to new mindsets in this transient time. An ongoing quest to perfect the needs of our time.

Founders Maickel and Marieke share a genuine love for photography, art, architecture and people. The story started from there, by creating purely from emotion.

Creative director Marieke shares her love and knowledge for making high-quality collections. She has a super strong focus on shaping, fabrics and detailing.

Growing up in a tiny village, the dream began when Marieke was a little girl and her grandmother taught her how to sew and knit. Since then she dreamed of colours and textures. 

Together with their lovely twins they live in a Neo-renaissance house near Amsterdam’s most famous Vondel park. The family home is an elegant hideaway and like the design studio, a journey and diary. It tells their story through art and personal items they have collected over the years. The aesthetics of their work and private life became one.

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