We have created a range of Foundation essentials.
These items do not conform to seasons and are available throughout the year. Signature pieces that give enduring style without being complicated.

A wardrobe that is anything but disposable and transcends seasons. A modern exploration of a personal, timeless wardrobe. 

Our collections have been designed in collaboration with modern garment manufacturers in Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and India. With over 90% of the collections produced in Europe, we also try to keep it as close to home to save emissions. 


The first step to start the design process is fabric sourcing.
Looking at existing, leftover fabrics from previous productions and the search for new long-lasting quality options. The materials we choose have a major impact on the quality and thus the lifespan of the clothing. Continuity is also extremely important to us in design, so when we find a reliable material, we continue to work with that fiber for future collections.

Our responsibility starts right from the collection’s design phase. When selecting the fabrics, we strive to use GOTS and FSC-certified qualities.


We design high-quality collections that will stand the test of time. Creating almost season-less pieces and the use of responsibly sourced materials are some of our top priorities. Changing the way we work takes time because the decisions we make today are only visible to our customers a year later, when the development and production of the garment is complete.

To ensure that our styles last, we believe in giving our customers proper care instructions along with an extra button in case repair is needed to maintain the item its quality and durability. A comprehensive garment care guide with care advice is available

By designing modern and timeless styles made from high-quality materials, we believe that the item can be worn year after year. Our aim is to offer clothing that is responsibly made and we strive to increase the use of sustainable fabrics in every future collection. 


The majority of our sweatshirts & tees are made of GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS is the leading textile processing standard for organic fibers worldwide, including environmental and social criteria, supported by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

A part of our denim collection is made of 25% recycled cotton and our virgin wool styles are made from responsibly sourced yarn and produced by our Italian supplier Ley Tricot, a small family business in Italy.


All our e-commerce packaging is made in Europe, centrally located, meaning freight emissions and transportation costs are reduced.

The packaging is made of kraft paper, which is a naturally biodegradable product, made from wood pulp that is sourced from responsibly managed forests or from recycled fibers. Our packaging is reusable for customers thanks to the two seals that extend the life of our kraft boxes and envelopes.

Kraft paper retains its natural colour and texture, it does not require additional bleaching, which means that harmful chemicals are kept out of the environment. The chemicals used in making kraft paper can be easily recovered and reused time and time again, promoting a circular economy.


Throughout the production chain, we have build a base of strong and trusting relationships with suppliers mainly based in Europe. We know the people behind the products and by producing at smaller family businesses we support the communities and retain their long experience of craftsmanship. 

Our collections have been designed in collaboration with modern garment manufacturers in Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and India. With over 90% of the collections produced in Europe, we also try to keep it close to home to save emissions. 

By providing insight into our manufacturers, and telling the story about their family businesses and the craftsmanship that is behind the production of our clothes, we hope to encourage a deeper connection and understanding between our customer and the Róhe collections. The clothes are made with love and care and need to be loved and cared for by those who wear them.

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