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A Dutch Heritage Project

The Pre-Fall collection was inspired by and pays respect to our Dutch culture and heritage, particularly tulip agriculture. Throughout the collection, the influence of the tulip is visible in prints and silhouettes.

Dutch tulip agriculture dates back to the late 16th century when the first tulip bulbs were brought to the Netherlands. Over the centuries, the Netherlands developed advanced cultivation techniques, creating vibrant and unique flowers, becoming the world's leading producer and exporter of tulips. Today, Dutch tulips symbolize the nation's rich agricultural heritage.

We visited Dutch tulip grower Carlo van Schagen, owner of Garden of Egmond, located in Egmond, the Netherlands. Established in the 1950s and previously managed by his father and uncle, the company boasts a rich heritage in tulip cultivation.


“I love being and working outdoors, with my hands immersed in the soil. It’s something I can put all my energy into; fostering a profound connection to the earth and the natural world.”

Upon joining the company, Carlo immediately sought to innovate by exploring new methods of tulip farming. He cultivates his own exclusive tulip varieties, setting himself apart from other growers. “Nature occasionally generates spontaneous mutations in plants, similar to how it occurs in mammals and humans. We started selecting these mutants, thinking some might be good to further cultivate, creating new varieties of tulips in new colors. You can also crossbreed tulips to create new sorts, but this process takes a lot of patience; it can take years.”

Since 2010, he has dedicated his efforts to sustainable flower bulb cultivation. “After 25 years in traditional tulip farming, I began to see the practice in a new light, reflecting on the legacy I want to leave for future generations. This prompted me to seek out like-minded farmers who shared a vision for change. Our goal is to cultivate tulips as naturally as possible, fully aware that this commitment requires significant time and effort. It may even take a generation to achieve our goal.”

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