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The collection is inspired by the contrasts of nature, the calm and the chaotic, the perfect and the imperfect, as apparent in the archive of Karl Blossfeldt’s sculptures and photographs.

Encountering the storm during the daily walk to the office, feeling the breeze through the crispy poplin, being wrapped in the wind, it moves us and twists
our expectations. It gives us space to re-think, re-shape and re-create our idea of the traditional office wardrobe. The breeze manipulates crispy poplin, office blue stripes and pinstripe suits. It leaves marks, makes it crushed, twisted, wrinkled and wrapped, from perfect to imperfect.

The colour story of the collection reflects the stroll to the workplace, passing by all these city doors, colored in traditional aubergine and night blue. It sets the frame of the heart of Amsterdam, the home of Róhe.

Creative Direction - Marieke Meulendijks
Photography - Stephanie Oonk⁠
Art Direction - Lino Muyres⁠
Talent - Mahany Pery
Beauty -Britt Breider
Light - Vincent Houtman
Assistant - Thijs van Halteren

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