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The Crafted Columns textile art installation was handmade by Dutch design artist Fransje Gimbrère for the Róhe expo & pop-up during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Hundreds of different cords crafted from natural materials create a three-dimensional play. 

Within the making of this installation Fransje explored the many possibilities in which a single yarn can be manipulated by hand into a new form. Inspired by the principle of knitting: where one yarn forms stitches that interlink and create a new whole, Fransje shows the beauty and versatility of what seems a simple occurrence. She reveals its potential and different outcomes, by zooming in on the elemental level and through manipulating yarn and technique.

The Crafted Columns exhibition explores the dialog between fashion, craftsmanship, art, and collaborations in a physical space where all of these disciplines can coexist. This translates to the different crafts that shape the Róhe mindset.

Visit the exhibition from 2 - 4 Sept at the Rozenstraat 59 Amsterdam from 11h to 19h.

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