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The first step in designing the finest knitwear is to source the highest quality yarns. Filpucci is one of the Italian yarn suppliers we work with, their expertise helps us to create the most beautiful knits. 

Filpucci fibers represent a continuous search for ever more performing yarns, taking nature and tradition as starting points to anticipate future needs. There is a lot of attention for sustainability, with Filpucci yarns being recycled and up-cycled with artistry and science. Technology meets nature and creates new ways of doing things.

The art of yarn making relies heavily on instinct and knowledge, gained through years of experience. The abstraction of the skill is fascinating, because you don’t know exactly how the architecture of the thread will turn out when knitted into a finished product; trial and error are part of the process.

Constructing yarn is like creating a sculpture; wrapping, twisting, twining fibers and colours together to accomplish amazing effects once crafted into a pullover. 

Beautiful collections have been the result, indicating that the matter was creative; it influenced all the other steps of the knitting process and helped build the made in Italy ethos.

As Filpucci passes on its heritage from father to son, the art of yarn making is carried into the future, which is important to inspire new makers and generations to keep the art of yarn making alive.

Together with Filpucci and knitwear manufacturer Ley Tricot we created an online exclusive knit. A constructed top with shoulder padding for a statement look made from Filpucci’s famous Pulp yarn. A fluffy and soft furry knit in a bright ultraviolet colour.

An ode to Filpucci.

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